1. Nice piece. I struggled with the analog/digital divide, myself. It’s interesting to watch the resurgence of vinyl for listening, although the inflated price (but hey! 180 grams!) is a bit loony.

    I love the “gotta have knobs” line too. That should be on a tee shirt…

    1. Author

      Thanks Clay.

      I listen to digital music whenever I’m driving, cleaning house or doing other chores but when I want to really listen and enjoy something, nothing beats putting a record on my turntable, sitting back and enjoying it.

      I too think the vinyl market has gotten more than a little strange…but despite the whole niche/hipster side of it, I’m glad it’s made a comeback because i really do enjoy all the little crackles and hiss of listening to a real record and now we are at a point where, if we’re willing to pay that premium, we can access almost all our favorite music on vinyl.

      It’s how I grew up listening to music…going into my dad’s office, going record by record and getting turned on to everything that has formed the cradle of my musical identity.

      For me, there’s simply nothing like listening to Pet Sounds on vinyl. It is heaven.

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