1. My darling bride made the same comment about all my musician friends, e.g. “Why are they all depressed?” I said musicians are more aware of and more sensitive to the imperfect world around them. Their music comes from their soul, and the music is a genuine piece of themselves. Sharing freely of their art, their music, is a coping mechanism and a cathartic.

    Neitzsche said: “…One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

    Latchaw’s Corollary: “Happy, Normal, Well-adjusted People Can’t Write Really Good Music”

    No offense intended to the happy, normal, well-adjusted people who may read this, of course.


    1. Author

      Thanks David. I think there’s a lot to what you’re saying. I’m currently reading I Am Brian Wilson, the new autobiography he released. He talks about music being his way of crowding out all the negative voices in his head…how all the negativity and depression, anxiety and fear…he would use them to create the vocal harmonies he arranged. Through chaos comes harmony. Through conflict comes art.

      I can’t think of any great, truly soul-touching song that has grabbed me and not been from an artist who struggled with some form of depression, abuse, or other conflict. Even happy songs by the likes of Jon Bon Jovi are built on a base of pain and struggle. Take something like “Living on a Prayer.” Everyone pretty much agrees that it’s an anthem for a generation, a rousing call to arms for lovers everywhere…but listen to the words. Tommy and Gina are in trouble…

      It took Jon Bon a long while to write “good” happy songs…most of his attempts are terrible. For every “One Wild Night” from Bounce there are seemingly dozens of trite, paint by numbers, crappy songs, that he himself doesn’t even like.

      Thankfully, I don’t have an audience to which I have to cater. I write for myself, out of need.

      It is a coping mechanism. Sharing it, putting my music out there, particularly in the naked, rough, in-the-moment context that I do, really is a coping mechanism. It is cathartic. It helps me to let go of the grimy, filthy feelings that are wrapped in the songs. I always feel a sense of relief when I step away from the computer after hitting save or upload.

      Keeping it inside is not an option. I’m incapable of discussing my feelings conventionally. So I write it in a song.

      I’m still that little kid afraid to say anything to anyone in person, face to face. What if they reject me? what if they don’t understand?

      In a way, I can hide behind the honesty of my music, haha. That sentence doesn’t make a lot of sense but in a way it makes perfect sense. I hide behind the honesty of my music. I kinda dig that.

      I’m going to sit with that idea for a bit…maybe it turns into a song. 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Be Well and Kind David,

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