Cathedral Records wants to highlight local artists and give them a voice. On this page we’ll feature some of our friends from the neighborhood and allow them to share their thoughts and opinions about life, the universe and everything…and hopefully provide you, the reader, to learn a little about what makes them tick!

Beyond that, I want to try to connect artists with fans, retailers, and other professionals to help cultivate a healthier, more productive scene.

On this page you’ll find great musicians but also folks like David Latchaw of fame, Ashley Newman of Ashley Newman photography and Renee Main Made Cakes.

Everyone plays a vital part within a community and we all do our best to help one another when the opportunity arises.

Am I missing someone? Drop me a line and put me in touch. This place is to showcase the best people and places in town. Know of a great venue? Organization? Graphic artist? Send them my way and allow me to feature them!

Cathedral Records truly loves and appreciates:

David Elbert
Jealous Creatures
David Latchaw
Ronnie Main
Rolando Becerra
Another Breakdown
Art DeHoyos
Ashley Newman
Renee Main of Main Made Cakes
Stiletto Broadcasting
Musicians’ DIY Fight Club
The Guitar Sanctuary
Heights Guitar Tech
The Glass
Marzi Montazeri



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